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We understand. You’re trying to get the most Alaska that you can, without breaking the budget. A bit here, a bit there... it all adds up to money that could be better-spent on fresh Alaska King Crab legs with a garlic drawn butter. Or a fur-lined parka. Or an upgrade to business class.

We’ve collected all Talkeenta Alaskan Lodge specials on this page, for your convenience. If you live outside of Alaska and would like to hear about them by email, sign up for our newsletter, Notes from the North! Alaska residents, sign up for Puffin Pass news to hear about the special kind of last-minute deals that you and your family are uniquely positioned to take advantage of.




Whether it’s cost, convenience, features, or inclusivity that matters most, Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge has the packages and options just right for you.


Check out the specials at our other properties!


Check out the packages at our other properties!

2015 Season: May 18September 12

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